Speedy Removal Service

762 South Spruce Street, Rock Hill
Website: speedyremovalservice.com
Phone: +1 803-322-3359

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Jun 20, 2018

Justin Robinson

We do a great job for everyone. If there is a bad review for "Speedy Removal Service" it is because the person did not get there way, or simply trying to ruin business. Anyone that has worked us knows we do a great job. We supply all tools, dollies, rubber bands, pads, and twine / rope / straps for moving. Home Repairs, Installations, and Electrical Work Welcome. Goodman / Bosh / Comfort-maker H.V.A.C.R. Specialist and Dealer.

Apr 14, 2019


Wow funny how the guy that dumped our service out of the blue is already on here defending his reviews when he has none.Says alot. Just so you KNOW Justin this is why your," buisness is bad" Word of mouth is the best way of advertiseing. If you didnt like our drive way And communicated THAT, it would have atleast made you look like an honest man.That being said if you need your lawn airrated and grass torn up call these guys. If you expect Sunday delivery service then they show up on Saturdays and say they were there on saturday and thats why your garbage is still there on Monday. Call these guys. If you want to get threatened as a 35 year old woman on messanger then appologized to and forced to leave a good review then dumped and blocked on messanger a month later. Definitly call these guys. If you want to get blamed as to why you no longer have service but Cant because he doesnt have time for that and he blocked you LOL CALL THESE GUYS!!

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